About Me

I'm an attractive brunette with sexy, mischievous, twinkling dark brown eyes.
My background is of Australian/European parentage, which gives my skin a beautifully flawless, smooth feel to the touch.
My curves are definitely in all the right places and very feminine.
Bust Size: 34 G (Natural)
Dress Size: 12
Hair Colour:  Brunette
Height: 5ft 1"
Weight: 65kg
Eyes: Brown
Age:  47
I'm always impeccably well-dressed in elegant and sexy outfits. I have a wide range of gorgeous, silky French, Italian, and Australian lingerie, including lacy stockings and accessories.
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Bulwinkle Review

It had been a number of years since I knocked upon her door, so it was with much joy I made my way to her.   The door to her modern apartment opened, she would have seen the look of absolute joy on my face, and I saw the same wonderful smile and that twinkle in the eyes I had...

CM Wombat Review

I Just spent the most enjoyable morning in the company of, in my opinion, one of the best ladies.    The lady in question is of course Gabrielle. I had so much fun with her when I saw her late last year, that I had to see her again. And what better way to celebrate my...

The Gent Review

Well after waiting for many months the law of averages finally worked in my favor and I managed to get some time with the beautiful Gabrielle.   Gentlemen, let me say this young lady is a true gem.   Needless to say our time together was magic. No other details as I am sure...

Reflex Review

I went to see the delightful Gabrielle and what good advice that was!   She is gorgeous, so into it and a real pleasure to be with. And of course such enormous boobs on a petite woman is a real turn-on!!     If you want a great GFE/PSE experience, go see...

Brothel Bunny Review

After nearly 2 yrs of trying to not only arrange a time I could see Gabrielle, but she was answering the phone, the planets aligned this arvo!     Delicious as her pics on the web, don't know if I could do her justice any more here than many others have elsewhere. Thoroughly...

Royce Review

Well, I finally managed to recover some what from the Xmas budget blow out and find some hard earned cash to make an appointment with the lovely Gabrielle on Friday afternoon and yes she is LOVELY ! She has an advert that starts with “Aaah Gabrielle, Absolute Pleasure”.    She...

Ruff Ryder Review

Gabrielle is gorgeous and I love how she goes off like a pocket rocket, She's about 5ft1", The most amazing E cup natural breasts with THE most amazing nipples which she just loves having played with.   Gabrielle has very sexy eyes as well. She is the type of lady you would make a play...

Spring Roll Review

Gabrielle is a bubbly lady with brown eyes, about 5’1”, slim yet curvaceous with DD breasts. Fantastic. Hair was reddish brown. Her description over the phone was accurate.    She started out with a massage, which progressed to a bodyslide. Then a pretty good covered bj and she used...

Bandit Review

There is only one expression that captivates the hour spent with this remarkable lady, "aaahhh".    She is absolutely delightful, not only to look at, but to feel. Never has a paid experience been made to feel so right. All I can say is ... when your finally able to get that...

Geoff Review

This lady know how to entertain, tantalise and enjoy herself.    She is comfortable with her sexuality (sensuality) and really makes sure you and her get a good work out in the time together. I paid for an hour but stayed for more!   She is elegantly dressed for the arrival...