Bulwinkle Review

It had been a number of years since I knocked upon her door, so it was with much joy I made my way to her.
The door to her modern apartment opened, she would have seen the look of absolute joy on my face, and I saw the same wonderful smile and that twinkle in the eyes I had remembered.
Gabrielle is a petite lady, but blessed with the most feminine hourglass figure, and I must say she looked quite beautiful in her pink and black lingerie.
We headed for the lounge, she looked me right in the eyes, placed her hands on my chest then shoved me back into the couch, she leaped onto me, her soft lips connecting with mine in a passionate and warm embrace.
It was simply wonderful to have her in my arms again, and she knoew all too well how happy I was!
We stood in front of her mirror smiling as I cuddled her from behind, then I scooped her into my arms and placed her on the bed, and Oh my God! let's just say that Gabby still possesses the same mix of passion, fun and playfulness, a lady who is gifted sexually, she certainly knows how to pull all of my strings!
I won't go into detail, but I will say that when I am with her I *feel* that I am with a very Special Lady.
A lady I regard as very much 'Top Shelf'.
Thank you for a beautiful reunion Gabrielle