Royce Review

Well, I finally managed to recover some what from the Xmas budget blow out and find some hard earned cash to make an appointment with the lovely Gabrielle on Friday afternoon and yes she is LOVELY ! She has an advert that starts with “Aaah Gabrielle, Absolute Pleasure”. 
She greeted me at the door in nice red/black lingerie that accentuated her lovely petite and curvy figure and gave me such a warm and inviting hug that I almost melted then and there. 
Great to see Gabrielle has a great sense of humour and a gorgeous smile that has that hint of cheekiness too ! Well, it was in the shower to freshen up first and then into bedroom for a really nice back massage from Gabrielle to start off with. Not only was she able to massage the tightness out of my shoulders but also she also quickly stirred other parts of me to life with her sensual and soft touch. It was a great feeling to have her smooth hands and fingers massage, caress and glide over all parts of my body from head to toe. WOW, is only just one word to describe what followed. Gabrielle, teased, kissed, tantalised, caressed, massage me with so much abandon and passion that it made me want her more and more. She put every part of her lovely body to great use in teasing and caressing me and enticed me to explore her more sensual and naughty bits. We both were boiling over and wanted to ravish ( lovely choice of words, Gabrielle ) each other as much as the other and that led to a beautiful session of discovery, playtime, arousal and sensual and sexual exploration. The whole event was truly a very passionate experience that had me go off well and truly like the crescendo of the 1812 overture ! The other nice thing about Gabrielle is that even after we both had come down off the mountain so to speak, she seemed to really enjoy the cuddle, caresses that I gave her afterwards. 
Well I can now certainly understand first hand what the “Aaah” in Gabrielle’s email is for, because I was quietly whispering that very word during my time with Gabrielle, although it may have been a bit louder there at the end ! 
In my eyes I would describe Gabrielle as attractive lady with that initial girl next door innocence and a beautiful smile. My booking for this afternoon was for the hour which I can say I enjoyed immensely. Gabrielle has nice smooth skin and a lovely body with the curves all in the right places and is great to cuddle and snuggle up to, definitely my kind of lady who enjoys sensuality and exudes passion. She has a very welcoming and down to earth personality that comes across naturally which will put you at ease almost immediately. Here’s one fine lady that definitely prides herself on making sure her clients are comfortable and their needs are looked after, I’d felt like I had known her for ages. She was attentive and receptive to my needs but also possessed that hint of cheekiness/raunch that provided that additional spark of passion and excitement to the whole experience of being with her.
If I was to describe the experience, I will need to borrow some poetic licence and seriously think about creating another acronym for the punters. You have G.F.E. & P.S.E, the best way I can describe the exquisite time I shared with Gabrielle is to call it C.H.E. I call it the Coming Home Experience ! Why, because that’s the closest thing I can relate the whole experience to that might come close to giving Gabrielle the credit and justice she deserves in the way she spent her time with me. The whole experience was similar to a time in my past when I had been working overseas for 3 months and upon my return, the first thing I did was call in to see my girlfriend. We had missed each other so much that the afternoon of passion that followed made up for the 3 month absence ! My time spent with Gabrielle was like that if not even a little more passionate, very special indeed.
Despite this being my first visit to see her, I felt that Gabrielle genuinely enjoys the time/company she spends with clients and at no time did I feel like I was being rushed to finish. As a matter of fact, I was even lucky enough to chat with her for a little while afterwards too and I can honestly say this lady is a GEM ! I’m not often found trying out different W/L’s as I prefer to be with the same lady, but Gabrielle was worth spending time with ! Gabrielle is a great lady who is warm, inviting, passionate and has that little bit of cheekiness, which makes her a great find amongst a sea of also-rans. Treat her well and with respect and you’ll be rewarded with a most passionate experience.