The General Testimonial

I am so glad I reconnected with Gabrielle after several years since our last emcounter. I had been battling Cancer that impacted things down below. I thought my days of sexy playtimes we're long gone, just distance memories. Given our past incredible encounters over many years, I decided to give Gabrielle a call. I'm so glad I did. When she answered her door, her beautiful smile & passionate welcome were reassuring. It genuinely seemed as if the last time we were together was days ago, rather than years. I know what happened next surprised both of us thanks to Gabrielle's incredible oral magic. Our playtime together was totally out of this world. It had to be a dream. Our now monthly playtimes are always full of unexpected surprises. I can say, despite, my medical problems, I have never had more intense orgasms ever thanks to TINA my nickname for Gabrielle - (as in Tina Turner) "Simply the Best" Looking forward to our next playtime. The General