Stargazer Review

Wow, what a beautiful and amazing woman Gabrielle is! My time with her was an extraordinary experience that far exceeded all my expectations. If, like me, you have not done this sort of thing before and don't quite know what to expect, I can say that with Gabrielle I enjoyed a sensual experience that was so passionate and hot that it was almost like a dream! The sight of this gorgeous lady wearing black stockings, stunning lingerie and a beautiful smile on her face as I first walked into her elegant apartment is not one I will soon forget. The very first thing that you notice about Gabrielle is the very genuine and wonderfully mischievous smile that constantly seems to play about her scarlet lips and liquid dark eyes - it's simply captivating, and her effortlessly friendly, charming manner immediately helped to put me at  my ease.
Gabrielle is a beautiful brunette with a breathtaking figure - the kind of curves that remind you why the female body is a work of art. Gabrielle is an amazing and generous kisser, and as great as the sex that came later was, the way that we first sat down on her couch and slowly sank into the most delicious kissing and caressing of each other's bodies was perhaps my favourite part of the evening. Gabrielle also has the most amazing, womanly breasts, and the way she incorporated them into our erotic play left me gasping with absolute pleasure! The delicious feel of her soft, warm breasts in my mouth is a wonderful memory. Once we got to the bed, sex with Gabrielle was fantastic - this is a woman who has developed her sensuality to the point of artistry! There was a wonderful variety of pleasures, and she was always smiling and talking sexy all the way through, which really added to the fun of the experience. Perhaps best of all, when you treat her with the respect she so richly deserves, Gabrielle really seems to enjoy what she does, and she receives pleasure with as much enthusiasm as she gives it. I'm not trying to be unnecessarily explicit here, but the memory of having my face between this gorgeous woman's legs as I tongued her exquisitely hot, wet pussy to a gasping orgasm makes me hot again just thinking about it!
In closing I would say that Gabrielle not only has a devastatingly beautiful and elegant presence physically, but she also struck me as being a very lovely and giving person who has a wonderful sense of humour and fun. All the time I was with her I had the very genuine feeling that she really did care about giving me the most sensuous and memorable experience possible (believe me - she succeeded!) and I left feeling like it had been an absolute privilege to spend time with her. I look forward with to our next rendezvous and until then I can only day-dream... Thank you so much Gabrielle, you really are wonderful!