Lovely Review in the form of a Poem by pg59xx

A more recent experience
Your smile like a magnet
Draws me closer
A kiss on the cheek
Seals the rendezvous
We are on the same page
The cologne, the perfume
are a match
The night is young
Undressed and captivated
By your lips
Find myself a prisoner of your mouth
Your eyes look into me
To assure submission
Yes it feels good
don’t stop
Into your forbidden cave
My grunts are loud
My mouth my lips
my tongue
Exploring you
Tasting you
Teasing you
You respond
Devine experience
Eyes shut
Heartbeat loud
Gentle touch
Muscles tight
Do not stop
Erect nipples
Natural caresses
Soft silk sensuous
Fuck me
Do not stop
I respond
Captivated by you
Your gentleness
Your soft kisses
I can only surrender
The lady is in charge
Over the edge
Past the shadows of the night
A union of two into one
The embrace of the flesh
The penetration
The throbbing
The control for more
Do not stop
Bite the lip
Take a breath
One more time please
One more
Do not stop
That tongue
That reaches deep
Circles like a predator
Yet soft and calculating
Arousing non stop
Knows when
Knows how
Knows why
Non stop till it is done
Give it to me
It is mine
For me
Let me hear you
Show me how
An encounter
Of the yes kind
Gratitude in the smile
Acceptance in the taste
Will it last
Till next time
When the cologne and perfume are a match