Dean Review

Well what can I say? I decided to treat myself after my divorce with a special lady. After carefully checking many of the available escorts I decided on the beautiful Gabrielle. What tipped her over line? I was most impressed with the reviews and the fact that she kisses! What I didn't expect was what a kisser she is! From the moment I walked in Gabrielle made me feel like I was the only person of any importance in her life.
We went out to dinner and I noticed many envious men glancing at us. Gabrielle may or may not have noticed but her entire focus was on me. After a lovely dinner and excellent conversation and a night cap at a club on the way back, 
Gabrielle then showed me why she is the best! I'll not go into detail as some things are left best to the imagination, but I will say she is an absolutely beautiful and sensual woman who actually enjoys what she does, which is simply ensuring you have the time of your life. 
I went the whole nine yards and had the sleep over experience and I can honestly say it has been the highlight of my life to date!. A sincere thanks Gabrielle and I even tipped her the next day just for the most amazing sensual kisses I've EVER had! I will be back time and time again sweet lady ~Smiles~"